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Ecology surveys identified Great Crested Newts within a nature reserve pond, and during construction, one Great Crested Newt found within the working area was successfully relocated by a licensed ecologist to the pond outside the site.Services included oversight of the implementation plan, marketing and sale of credits, monitoring, and maintenance of the Bank.Atkins was commissioned to undertake independent safety assessment for the CBTC signalling system of Beijing Metro Line 4 provided by Thales.Many of these could potentially be re-used for hydrogen storage or new caverns constructed in the extensive salt fields which are deep underground in many parts of the UK.All the central London tunnels will be connected by the first quarter of 2015, with Crossrail scheduled to be fully operational by 2018.

The seven focus areas are to be integrated in a new, highly innovative cycling route.Our team has also installed, tested and brought into service the signalling, power and telecommunications for Springburn to Cumbernauld which was commissioned in early 2014.

To boost safety, mobility, and accessibility, roadway improvement plans include separation of freeway traffic from arterial traffic, reduced numbers of merging sections, and connection of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to create a continuous 22-mile stretch from US 95 through I-15.It was set up to provide a more reliable source of energy and provide environmental benefits through the reduction of air pollution by replacing coal burning power stations.By working closely with all stakeholders, we determined the existing operational structures, business goals and service requirements.The time and cost savings achieved through the use of 3-D laser scanning was reinvested into engineering a more economical wet fire protection solution for Hangar 2.The scope also covered a new 247m bridge spanning the Aberdeen Channel and 1.9km of new elevated viaduct, the enhancement of Staunton Creek Nullah (a large box culvert), up-grading of slopes, designing complex utility diversions, landscaping, traffic and highways design, and other associated works.In an effort to meet the increasing water supply needs of its customers, the WSSC embarked on an ambitious 10-year program to improve and expand the Potomac Water Filtration Plant, which currently produces approximately three-quarters of the water used in Maryland.The new South Island Line started operating on 28 December 2016, serving the 350,000 residents and workers in Southern District.Precast construction was identified as the best way to reduce the construction programme and hence limit impacts on the existing traffic, pollution and disruption.We are taking the lead in the extensive remediation programme, onsite drainage and infrastructure, off-site link road and necessary improvements to the motorway junction.

Want To Get It Sooner? Create an account today and receive exclusive perks like: 20% off your first order; Free expedited shipping on all orders.The work on the Almada Docks in Lisbon, Portugal is one of the most extensive dockland regeneration projects within Europe, covering a site of 150 hectares.Sandton station is a particularly remarkable technical achievement.The Western Dredging Association, which covers the North, Central and South America regions, awarded the project their 2017 Environmental Excellence Award for Navigation Dredging.Confirmation of special needs transportation services capacity.

Safe and successful operation of the facilities is paramount, as is engagement with the local workforce and community around both plant locations.The team of leading nuclear industry experts will also broker the sale of the aqueous hydrofluoric acid (AqHF) product and provide surveillance and maintenance services for the DUF6 cylinder inventory.The University of Colorado A Line opened on April 22, 2016 and the B Line to Westminster opened July 25, 2016.The aim of the improvement project was to provide additional traffic lanes and a bypass route to minimise traffic queues in this busy border area.Our provided expertise won credibility with FEMA, and it gave the state a strong position from which they were able to help steer recovery efforts in a way that reflected their goals and values.Atkins developed the designs for the school and worked closely with Belgian-based company Burtonboy Architects to develop the detailed design.About half of the signs were fast tracked in the area of the Orange County Convention Center in order for them to be showcased during the 2011 ITS World Congress, held in Orlando, Florida.

Atkins was contracted to carry out the entire design and site supervision services on this 50-storey residential tower.It takes only one and half hour to drive from the site to Shenzhen.Delivered data in the required format across a number of different data flatfiles with a 100% data acceptance rate.

This project also met the stringent requirements and review process of the Georgetown Historic Architectural Review Committee.Atkins is the technical and procurement consultant for the 15.5km twin tunnel Copenhagen Metro CityRingen (City Circle Line) transportation system package which will transport passengers underground through the heart of the historic city.

Atkins was awarded the detailed design consultancy C903 comprising two of the five new stations at Ocean Park and Wong Chuk Hang, both elevated.BLM field offices are located in Shoshone, Upper Snake, Burley, Butte, and Dillon, Montana.Active fire suppression systems are a relatively new technology for road tunnels, with no tunnel-specific design standards.Since opening the scheme has proved extremely successful with 3.5 million journeys made in 2014.The Lusail Light Railway Transit (LRT) System project is part of the overall Lusail project being developed by Qatari Diar to create a new city of 200,000 people on a land of 35 square kilometres north of Doha.This gives confidence to aviation Duty Holders that the continuing airworthiness management activities for each aircraft have been carried out and documented correctly.The initial 65-acre phase will feature 13,000 gravesites and accommodate both casketed and cremated remains.Atkins has been commissioned by the National Water Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to undertake an asset survey of its water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations for the city business units of Jeddah and Riyadh.